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Diver14- I had a good conversation with Jason at wakemakers this afternoon as he walked me through the system. We're gonna go with the X45 bags that they recommend for the boat. You are correct about the over flow line however he said its easy to t off the vent for the hard tanks and connect it to the bags and set it up like that for an overflow. Also the option is expensive however it is covered under warranty so if something goes wrong we don't have to fork up the money to fix it. Thank you a lot for the input it is greatly appreciated. Good luck with the x25( that 6.2 is gonna pull a house in that boat) that is a awesome boat we almost bought that boat as it was between that or the x45 but in the end we choose the 45 because our family is growing and we use the boat in Destin, Fl a lot so we needed something the handle the chop.

Jerseydave- I got lucky with the name I'm just glad you didnt snag it before I did.

I'm really excited to take delivery on the boat hopefully we will have it in march sometime. This is our first mastercraft that we have owned and I look forward to the switch from three malibu's.
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