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Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
So what you come up with for the X25?
Im going to run the 6.2 engine with the piggy back system from wakemakers. For the x25 it puts 650 in each rear locker and 700 total in the front. That is not bag ratings thats actual weight. Its around $800 for bags hoses fitting etc.

Originally Posted by Mastercraftdave
Diver14- I was going to call wakemakers tomorrow because I have been looking at there site but wanted to get first hand experience from people who own the boats with the pnp. I'm not too sure if we can cancel on the pnp since boat is in the process of being built. The dealer said that everything would still be functional with the new BIG system because they changed it for the 2012 models.
Thats great news about the change in the new year models I just had not heard that. Despite that I think I personally would still change it if I had time. Its very expensive and it adds steps to fill the tanks and components that can fail. It adds additional switches that have to be switched after your factory fills and it also adds electronic ball valves that could potentially fail. I believe it also does not have a vent line and some have complained about the bags bursting or the fact that you have to remember that they are filling and make sure you turn it off before it fills all the way. I prefer to be able to just push the buttons and let them fill until I hear the water comming out the overflow line. Im sure you will love it either way. Just giving you some feedback.

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