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Weighting an X45 with plug and play

I am new to the mastercraft community, as we sold our Malibu this winter and recently purchased a new X45. We ordered it a few weeks ago and it is currently in the process of being built. With that being said I'm eager to get the boat and start using it. We ordered the boat with the plug and play ballast and I'm looking to order the bags that way we have them when the boat arrives.

My question is what is the best ballast options for the boat. If someone with experience could help me choose the right bags that would be great. I know the plug and play comes with three connections two in the back and one in the front. I was curious as what everyone else was using and how they have there plug and play set up. When we test drove the boat the guys told us to put two 750's in the rear and one in the middle walk way. I would prefer that the ballast be hidden so I was thinking about the two separate bags in the front but they said that we don't want to put two much weight in the front of the nose. So with all that I kind of need some help Thanks for the help in advance.

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