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I have an '83 S&S. It has been my experience that if the steering is tight/stiff in both directions all the time or under way at idling speed, the cable is probably worn/crudded up with rust. I have had minimal success trying to re-lubricate the cable as the older MC's did not have a grease zerk on the cable (my '91 has a grease zerk in the cable but not the '83). In the 25 odd years I have had the S&S, I have replaced the cable twice, last night being the second time around. You can get a new cable at DIM or you might be able to pick one up on Ebay. The length of the cable on my '83 is 15 feet.

If the steering gets stiff/hangs up under load (turning/higher speed maneuvering) but is reasonably easy to turn at lower loads, the rudder shaft and rudder log are probably worn out. I am speaking from experience here. Unfortuneately, there are no replaceable bearings in the rudder assembly and the entire rudder and log must be replaced. I would recommend removing the rudder from the boat and examining the rudder shaft. Wear will be apparant on the shaft in the form of groves worn in the shaft where the shaft contacts the bearing surfaces in the log. Keep in mind, if the shaft exhibits wear, you have about the same amount of wear in the log too. With the rudder shaft installed in the log, any more than 1/8" to 3/16" slop from side to side at the bottom of the rudder is too much in my opinion.
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