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A couple misconceptions bout diesels.
First, maybe the guy in Oklahoma had an instance of fuel gelling, but that's because it typically doesn't get that cold there so the additive package was not up to snuff. All cold weather areas cut #2 with #1 oil or low temp additives.
Only fuel gelling I've experienced in 25 years of driving or being closely associated with diesels was Denver a few years ago. Big sub zero cold snap and the suppliers were skimping on additive. Dead trucks and equipment all over town. Had to drive 100 mi to buy a case of diesel 911 to get our equipment running.
After working in -40F temps for the last winter, gelling was never a concern and DEF trucks ran fine up there. Better than the 1st gen dpf emissions trucks. Yes it freezes, but the tanks have heaters and they thaw the fluid once the truck is running.
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