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We've had 3 litre or thereabouts diesels for what seems like forever and are probably the most accepted displacement across all brands. I haven't driven the 8 speed as that has only just come on line in the Jeep. Judging by the amount of them on the road they are very popular. The 3 ltr in my Toyota is excellent, don't worry about 420 ft lbs as being to little a figure, in the toyota it arrives at 1450 RPM. That's right PEAK torque just off idle. As for resale Europeans suffer for cost of maintenance and parts but generally speaking after 3 yrs or so the depreciation on petrol powered vehicles is 50 % greater than diesel. Take the leap of faith and you won't look back. The only exception will be if you tow all the time then I would consider something larger. For what it is worth, turbo petrol and supercharged petrol versions have been tried and failed dismally. The fuel consumption of the diesels is a far better proposition in a larger vehicle for living with day to day.
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