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A "real Mastercraft" owner is one that is familiar with many boat models, over many years.
Understands and appreciates the strengths and weakness of each.
Someone who truely appreciates a particular type of boat (IB, performance, cruiser, etc) understands and appreciates all manufacturers in that sub-industry. They may have a favorite, they may know their own model better but they are industry aware.

A "real boater" is someone who truely loves the water and appreciates ALL BOATS for their unique characteristics and has consideration for ALL other boaters "real" or "poser"

If you have never gone 120mph on the water, there is a rush
If you have never sat on a 55' cruiser for an afternoon of relaxation, try it.
There is a calm about riding on a sail boat along with the extra sensitivity needed to sail the wind.
Paddling a canoe, one slows down to see a shoreline that normally goes by in a blur.
The care free feeling of piling a bunch of people on a utility pontoon, motoring for simple fun and only buring 5gal of gas all evening.
The responsive push of acceleration and manuvering of and inboard with a clean wake behind for watersports.

How "real" are you?

Extra credit if you have the mechanical skills to maintain a vessel.
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