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I used a place called Larry's trim shop in Jacksonville Fl. I took in all the cushions and motor box and told him to make it look just like the factory and he did. I made new side panels and dry fit them first then took those in also. He repaired the foam in the seats and did the carpet on the motor box and all the kick panels along with all new skins. Not cheap at 2300 but I thought that was a fair price for all the vinyl and that also included the matching extra carpet for me to do the boat.

I did the carpet in sections which made it easier to handle in a one man job. I did each side wall and then each side floor up to the seats. The seam for each side of the floor runs under the side panel. In the front I cut a section that ran as far back as the drivers seat so the seam for it runs under the seat. There is really only one very small seam showing between the observer seat and the in floor cooler. I used the old carpet that I cut out for a pattern in the front and just cut it a little bigger then glued the center part down so it would not move then carefully trimmed in the edges with an exacto knife. You can cut the old carpet out from under the front seats a bit and that left me a little edge to stuff the carpet under. The front was by far the hardest as it is slow going at first if you want to get it exact, the sides and floor are not bad at all after doing the front.

Carpet seams are under the side kick panel you see in the picture.

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