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If you buy a new MC it will lose its value over time. Let's say you keep it for 3 yrs and sell it.

If it cost $100K and you sold it for $70K, that's a $30K loss + cost of upkeep/gas +...+... (at least $3K to keep the numbers simple).

Now assume you put 333 hrs on it (111 h/yr), then that's $33,000/333 h = $100/h of fun....WOW!! A lot to afford! If you make $30/h then it's 3 h of work for 1 h of play....

I realize my numbers are probably off, but they are conservative I think, and if not, the cost/h will still be high....

Is boating worth it?

Skiing and boating and diving are what I like to do above most else, and it's why I work hard; so an unqualified YES for me (I have old boats though, 15 and 20 yrs) and still it's always B.O.A.T. (break out another thousand).

And, NO I'd never consider buying a new one, but I can still dream to win a lottery so I could!!
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