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For me and my wife its about 'investing in our family'. We are young and have 3 kids all under 8 years old. There is nothing better than going out on the lake during the weekend or on a trip to Lake Powell. These are the things that I am sure we will look back on and remember as the good times.

My story is that we bought a 97 Cobalt 200 after we got married for 20K we had a budget of $250/month to spend. We sold that boat after 4 years for 21K and put the 8K profit in a bank account and continued to make the $250 payment to it while we were pregnant and having kids for nearly 6 years. 2 years ago we decided to get another boat and had a good chunk of money saved up with that and bought our 06 X15 with that cash and a $250 monthly payment. We figure to sell in the next couple of years and upgrade again. If you set a monthly budget stick to it and find something that fits it.
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