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Cloaked, thanks for the input. When you say variance, do you mean like angle of the forward v bunk and or the trailer bunks that support the hull? I've searched and searched for an exact replacement trailer for mine. Pete had found one for me, but between the 700 mile round trip and what i would need to do to the trailer (lights, guide poles) and the purchase of the trailer it wasn't worth it. I've talked to a lot of people about refurbishing it, but it really is too far gone to refurbish. My neighbor actually works for a comapny that repairs RV's and trailers and even he said the expense to just get it roadworthy again (temp fix) and refurbishing it isn't worth it. The boat is from the east coast and so its rusted all to hell to the point that the two main beams have vertical rust crakcs halfway through them. Not to mention the surge brake accuator that slides in and out when towing.
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