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Originally Posted by jrandol
UMP you know what I admire about you is how sensible you are in your solutions. Glad to see you FINALLY got a Diesel vehicle to pull that SUPERIOR 1992 PS190!!

How the heck you been man??
I been fine JR! Thanks for asking. The diesel fumes havent affected my lungs yet, so I am still good. I am so glad I got this diesel truck! I mean, I can tow my prostar without dropping transmissions and engines on my 1/2 ton. what a relief!!!! The money I save on gas mileage and not having to repair transmissions will allow me to buy a new bote soon! in fact, I am saving money at such a fast rate that I even quit buying lottery tickets.
Skidog, dont forget to take your Geritol.

Originally Posted by Upper Michigan Prostar190
On a different note: I like LOTS of snort comin' out of the hole.
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