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Thanks for the information, Ron!

To answer your question, Lance. For some reason it appears that the secondaries are sticking or having trouble opening and closing. Right around 31, it'll hold until you give it more throttle than necessary to get to 32, then the boat speed will jump up to about 35. Hitting that 32-33 MPH point is next to impossible. As a side note, I'm installing PerfectPass this winter as well, don't know if that'll change anything with the problem.

Now, I've heard that there are springs that I can replace or adjust, and that would be a good option, but I figured that since the carb now has about 300 hours on it without any service, that maybe now would be a good time to have a rebuild done as sort of PM. Looking forward to your thoughts.

You raise a good point, Andre. Where could I find the $300.00 new carb? I'm seeing a new one at DIM for about $500.00 and a rebuilt one there as well for $350.00. If I can find a new 4160 for the price you mentioned that may be a great option. Thanks a million guys.
1988 Prostar 190 - 351 Indmar (1:1) / PerfectPass Digital Pro 6.5n, 13 x 12 Acme 3-Blade
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