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I guess you have some off-season time to get your carb rebuilt, where are you having the work done? I had to rebuild mine two years ago, but I did it the hard way... bit-by-bit. The whole adventure took a huge bite out of the season, It seemed like two months before I got the thing running right. It started with a leaking accelerator pump, and every time I repalced one gasket/seal, another one went bad. And none of the main parts stores I normally use ever had the stuff I needed.(this was before I found SKIDIM) The last item I had to find was a gasket set for the meter block... The only place in the town that carried these gaskets turned out to be a Mom & Pop speed shop (drag racers!). Don't you know that when I went there to pick-up the parts, they had a big sign on the service counter advertising re-builds for Holley Carbs. If only I had known...
good luck.
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