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Originally Posted by wakeX2wake View Post
they personally are cumbersome and distracting for me...
Not hating on you....but I love hearing people use this type of line when talking about the use of safety equipment! You know what else is cumbersome and distracting...wheelchairs, canes and feeding tubes!

All kidding aside, protect your melons! You only get one and any damage received to it can be severely life altering.

Another thing to remember is that the helmet does not end all head injuries...but it can stop further trauma to the skull (i.e. skull fractures, etc.). So, for those who make the comment that wearing a helmet gives them more confidence to do more or go higher, remember that a brain injury often results from the brain sloshing around inside that hard case (skull). The helmet can not protect against that. My son ended his snowboarding season early this year due to a concussion...he always has a helmet on.

If you don't have one...go get one. To me, the helmets look pretty cool now so there should be no shame in wearing one!
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