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Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
I do not carry. I own but do not see the need to carry and I don’t get myself in situations or places where I’d need it. One day I had a very angry tailgater behind me… I pointed my index finger up in the air like it was a gun, and I made the motions with the other hand like I put in a new clip, then cocked the gun… they guy slams on his brakes and got off the freeway. I guess that plus the 6” drop hitch, the hunting sticker, the mud boots between the window and the bed and the redneck CB antenna made him think I was really carrying…..
In the armed state of Az that would probably get a response from someone actually carrying. Not long ago and in front of where my kids work there were 2 motorists that were cutting each other off and when they got to the stop light a 45 year old guy got out of his car with his gun walking towards the other car. In that car was a 21 year old also carrying and he saw the guy walking up to his car with a gun so he stuck his gun out the window and shot this guy dead on Williams Field road. It was self defense and the kid walked. Flipping someone off in this state could get you shot, you just never know who's carrying out here.
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