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Originally Posted by mcookgraphics View Post
I need to tighten the 4 tower bolts on my 01 X-Star, Zero Flex Flyer. With some uncomfortable contortion, I can reach the two on passenger side but the front driver side has me perplexed. The back one looks like a pain to get to as well. Any suggestions? Pulling interior panels off make me nervous not to mention I'm not sure how they fasten.
I don't know your boat's specifics but just dealt with the same on my '07 197, so I'll at least share what I did to get this done.

To get to the front driver's side nut, I went in from under the dash. First, removed the drivers seat--just four screws. Next, removed the kick panel (on which my main control unit, circuit breaker panel and Perfect Pass modules are mounted)--two screws for the panel, plus unplugging the aforementioned electronics. From there I was able to see and access the nut while laying on the floor.

For the rear nut, I did have to pull the throttle panel but this was really easy (since the driver's seat was out of the way). Three torx screws at the top of the panel (left, middle and right) and then one phillps screw in the middle of the bottom edge. Did not unhook the throttle/transmission cable--just move the panel out of the way. Then was easily able to access the nut to tighten.

Hope this helps.
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