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Water in Cylinders - 89 Tristar

Well I purchased a 89 Tristar with a 351 Windsor at the beginning of the season. I bought it and as soon as I got it home the problems started flowing. So far this season I have completed a head rebuild/head gasket, replaced starter solenoid and starter, Oil cooler, volt gauge, ignition switch, plugs and wires, speed pickups and raw water pump. So this weekend I attempted to start the boat in my drive way, which I used a flush pro to provide cooling water ( I know this by passes the oil cooler, was just going to test it quick after a starter install), the engine then hydro locked and I proceeded to pull spark plugs. Water was in every cylinder!! I had just completed a complete head (New valves, springs and milled) and gasket rebuild with ARP head bolts, 10 hrs ago. So I am wondering if it is possible for water to flow from the flush pro with enough force to travel into the exhaust valves from the manifolds, or am I screwed with another blown head gasket. I completed a compression test on one cylinder and compression was good. I'm going to purchase a fake-a-lake and test again. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
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