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Of course the prop direction is going to change your starboard side from the port. Port will surf better than starboard. The fly high system is designed for a wakeboarding wake. Get 2 750 fly high bags in place of you 400's or whatever comes in the kit? You really need more weight for surfing in rear locker. NOT for wakeboarding. Will never fill them but half full for wakeboarding. Wrong place for weight to wakeboard, right place for surf.
I fill port and kgb factory tanks, fill my 750 in port locker, and move bodies. You can also fill a little in your front port under seat if your loaded in the back. Leave starboard tanks empy.
It is not the best wake surfing boat....and you will only be able to surf back a 10-12' from boat and ride.
now starboard is the same set just reversed, and you will only be able to surf about 7-10' back.
Take a look at your swim platform,(fiberglass I presume) , it cuts the top of your wake surf off if you cant really get the boat to lean over. So it's important to really load up rear locker.
I have tried filling bags under back seat too and it does make a huge differance, GOOD ONE TOO ,not the safest because your really leaning..and a real pain in the *** to fill and dump.
Good luck
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