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Ps 197 2003 - 2013

This is a general observation/question that I thought I would post.

One of the members of our ski club, Tim Bradstreet, has recently been sponsored by MasterCraft, and received his beautiful new 2013 197/6.0l Ilmor. I've skied behind it quite a lot recently and have noticed the wakes are slightly harder than my 2003 197tt. In looking at the 2 boats on the dock (not clear in this photo) the 2013's swim platform is almost touching the water and the 2003 is 2" out of the water, both had the same amount of fuel etc. and my boat has a mini tower. My guess was his motor had to be heavier, so I got on the MasterCraft web site and saw the 190/197 platform is now listed at 3200lbs where as in my manual the same 190/197 is listed at 2800lbs. (this doesn't specify any particular engine). Surely the engine can't be 400lbs heavier. It's like putting an additional 2 people in my boat when you are skiing. Where does the additional weight come from?
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