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He couldn't do what the Constitution wants but I fail to see how "the Constitution failed us". THEY failed the Constitution. The voters who don't know or care what's in it failed it. The politicians who capitalized on this fact failed it. The media, who care more about their right to say, write or print what they want more than they care about the well-being of the country and its inhabitants failed it.

The Constitution's provisions for these points have been there for over 200 years. Politicians have been working to nullify them for the whole time and those who pay no attention are to blame for letting it happen. Most people are interested in nothing more than what's at arm's length and if they're required to think about anything more, they refuse, or can't. The level of intelligence in the US has been dropping for decades and when the government tells the story of how things happened, history is terribly inaccurate.

I used to say "Keeping people uneducated, unhealthy and dependent on government is no way to run a country". That's completely correct if the government wants people to do things for themselves but when said government wants to keep the majority of the people under its thumb, it's EXACTLY the proper way to run the country. They're in the position of telling people what they need, what they'll give them, how much and when. Also, they'll tell the ones who have enough for themselves, how much they'll give to those who don't. Until those who have enough decide that they don't want to stay or work with the government. Not that I'm in agreement with all of the points in the story, but the main premise of 'Atlas Shrugged' asks "What if the people with all of the money- the movers and shakers, decided to go on strike?". Well, "What if"?

The ads I saw at the end of the 2012 campaign showed Obama saying "We're asking the wealthy to give a little more". THERE'S NO 'ASK' INVOLVED! They're making it look like the wealthy are evil for having a lot of money and, to be sure, some are evil. In a Simpson's episode, Homer told Monty Burns that he was the richest person he knows and Burns said, "Yesss, and I'd trade it all for more". However, this government no longer wants people to succeed on their own and that's a dangerous tower to stand on. It only takes a lot of people giving the tower a little push to make it topple and if that happens, our way of life is over.
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