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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
I would be surprised in TN if a cop said no power loading. I am not aware of any statue or law (in TN) that prohibits. It may be a dock or ramp's preference but I'd sure consider asking or researching where a law says to the contrary for loading.... but common sense says do not argue with the cops..... regardless...

.........but after a certain point, I'd have to know the law for sure and insist on loading my boat the way I prefer....unless in fact there is a law prohibiting.....and not some outspoken rule that someone else says without merit....
I pulled this from the Michigan DNR Public Launch directory:

No Power Loading
Boaters should winch their craft onto boat trailers instead of powering their boat onto the trailer. Boat ramps throughout the state are being badly damaged by boaters who power their boats onto the boat trailer. The strong currents created by the boat's propeller causes severe erosion and wash out at the end of the ramp. This condition, in turn, can also cause damage to boat trailers.The Department of Natural Resources is attempting to repair as many of the damaged ramps as possible,but the best solution to the problem lies with the boater who refrains from this practice.

If you google Michigan DNR, no power loading, you'll find thread after thread discussing the issue. I was told by the Sheriff's Dept last season that it's $175.00 for the first offense, which escalates to $500 and up to 90 days in Jail for the second offense if the launch is posted with "No Powerloading" signs... which they all are around here. I was also told that idle power is power... no "kind of power"... "shut it off and use the winch." No amount of explaining was going to convince this guy that it was IMPOSSIBLE with my trailer.
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