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Hey Robert,
I'll second the comment..... you are a quick learner. I'd have to concentrate on one thing to get any good at it!
As far as etiquette goes, I guess I lead by example. When I'm driving & the guy that is going to be my driver is with me, I talk about what I'm doing & why I'm doing it....... hoping that he'll do the same. If he doesn't get it, then ask point blank. Don't hint, tell him straight out. He'll appreciate it later.

I liked the analagy of hooking up a popup camper to a Ferrari. Thats a riot & dead right! This weekend I had a neighbor girl ask me if I'd pull her around on the tube. I politely told her that tubes were for kids, drunks & people with no talent. And that if she wanted to wakeboard, I'd pull her all day long. Maybe thats mean or vain, but later I saw a guy pulling 2 humungous tubes, loop after loop, behind a $45k Moomba Mobius......... frankly I was glad it was him & not me.

Anyway, welcome to the group!
-former '94 PS205 owner. Still ridin my Sky Ski.....
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