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Starter struggles to turn at first

The problem I am having with a near-showroom condition (inside and out) 1994 ProStar 190 with throttle body EFI and 350 Indmar, although not as perfect as Harold Page's '87, is the following:

After the engine is warmed up but not necessarily hot and then shut off, the starter struggles very hard to turn against the cylinder compression for 1-2 seconds when I attempt to restart the engine. After a second or two holding the key in the "start" position, during which it acts like the starter is getting nothing from the battery, the starter runs normally and the engine starts immediately. If I shut it off at this point and start it again, it will start without showing this problem. The problem never occurs when the engine is cold but only after it has been run (a few passes in the course or 10-15 minutes of tricking). The starter is original, the battery is one season old and the engine has 850 hours on it. This sounds to me like it might be caused by high pressure fuel vapor in the cylinders which is released after one revolution of the flywheel alloying the starter to function normally. A credible source has suggested it could be the fuel pressure regulator and the folks at Discount Inboard Marine also thought it could be the regulator or possibly a timing issue. All feedback greatly appreciated before I get out my wallet and start spending money. I know there's a way to measure the pressure out of the regulator but not sure what tools are needed to do that. Many thanks for your insights.

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