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1982 S&S Pylon Reinforcement Mod.

I was noticing a little fore and aft movement on the tow pylon in my 600-hour 1982 Stars & Stripes Powerslot. When I say "a little" let me quantify it with about 2 inches of play at the top of the pole. Enough so that it was getting close to touching the engine cover with a load on it.
So beginning last weekend I undertook what I thought was going to be tightening a few bolts. I had done this once before when I bought the boat last year with 498 hours on her, but found it quite difficult to reach under the floor and access all the bolts from the engine opening. So I removed the driver's and observer's seat bases to give myself some room to work, disconnected the battery and removed the battery tray.
When I pulled out the battery box I noticed 30+ years of accumulated bilge crud in the forward bow that I couldn't leave uncleaned. At this point I decided I was just going to remove the floor panel in front of the engine that the pylon pokes through to get good access to the forward bilge, and pulled back the original carpet very careful with full expectation of putting it back in place within the hour.
After a good cleaning and hosing everything aft, I noticed 3 problems;
1. Water accumulates in the bow area of the bilge and the fiberglass buildup under the pylon mount acts as a dam to keep the water up there from draining aft.
2. The floor mount for the pylon was loose and moving in the fiberglass bedding in the hull, squeezing water and muck out with each push and pull of the pole fore and aft.
3. Of the 8 bolts that mount the trans-stringer pylon brace in place, 3 of then were totally "wallered" out and had no hope of being tightened.

Here is the pic of the original floor mount after I cut away the little bit of fiberglass that had it mounted in the floor:
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