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Originally Posted by tr6coug View Post
After some careful consideration, I decided to make a few changes to the function of the push-button starter. These changes are intended to make starting the boat a more deliberate act and also to improve security.

So, you will only be able to start the boat when the ignition is ON, not from OFF or ACC.

Also, instead of a toggle cut-off switch, you will need to use the original key-switch as the cut-off switch.

These are minor changes, but I just wanted everyone to be aware of the changes since it is slightly different than I quoted before.
So... now I have to push the button 3 times to start the boat, correct?

1st push = Accy
2nd push = On
3rd push = Crank

That may be a minor change in programming, but a big difference in how the system operates... IMO.
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