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Just need to add the fins now so progress to date:

Footpad reinforcement added (3 layers 200gsm plain woven) and fully vac'ed down:

Board is now laquered but it really shows up the flaws now so I might sand that down and paint it to hide it all with a few choice bits of carbon showing...

The creases in the top sheet are from laying up off the rocker table, applying the vacuum then fixing to the table. I think if it had another "stiff" layer on top of this before mounting it to the table it would stop the fabric from creasing so much, or doing a multiple stage layup and cure. It needed to be done that way because the cut foam strips wouldn't stay aligned properly if laid up on the rocker table. The addition of an opaque topsheet would hide any distortion in the weave too.

It actually looks better in the flesh, the photos seem to have emphasized the flaws unfortunately As it's my first board made like this, I'm pretty happy with how it's come out as the astetic wasn't top priority, more proof of concept for the next board

Finished weight 3.6kg, so a bit on the dumpy side but I also know where I can take out the weight for next time...
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