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Originally Posted by Legolamb View Post
Check this link

Scroll down to the "Clamp-ons" , across from "oval" you will find 3 LT-1 models depending on whether you have vent hoses or not.

So here are 2 that I am looking at. The first one 59-5000 is the cone filter that I currenlty have. The second 59-5020 is the newer filter that is more oval and looks better. Besides making sure the motor box will close correctly, anyone see any issues with going with the oval (59-5020) filter?

Type Flange Length Width Height Notes Part #
Oval 2.93"x4.75" 6.5" 4.75" 5.62" GM TPI 59-5000
Oval 2.93"x4.75" 8.62" 4.5" 3.18" GM LT-1 No Vent 59-5020
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