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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
Resurrecting this thread as I was using it to try and fix a problem...

I've been having problems with my Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro on my '08 X-15 surging and/or slowing way down when I hit rollers, especially if it is multiple rollers when a couple boats pass. I went to play with the settings as suggested above to see if that would fix it and got confused. At least in wakeboard mode, mine only has KDW and not CS or NN settings. Are these other two in a different menu somewhere? Or in a mode other than wakeboard mode? Or is there a firmware update that I missed somewhere? Looking at the instructions in the pdf earlier in this thread, I've never seen that screen with CS and NN. Mine goes straight to the named riders list where only KDW is available.

If I can't get this sucker working better, I may fork out the $500 and upgrade to Stargazer so I can bypass the paddle wheel driven problems.
Did you see pages 3-5 of the manual I attached in post #4 of this thread? I don't know if that document describes your gauges/controls or not.

If your X-15 has the paddle wheel mounted the same as mine, the issue is where it is located on the hull. I was told this by the people at PP when I contacted them for guidance on the settings. Mine is by the center drain plug of the boat. So when going through rollers it is actually leaving the water and catching air. The folks at PP said it really should be more towards the stern to keep it from doing that. For me, increasing the filter factor (NN) helped reduce the issue drastically. It does however take a bit more time for the boat to settle into the correct speed.

You most likely know this. But my son would only advance the throttle to where the PP engaged. So when the boat needed to use more throttle it was not able to. I have to remind him to move the throttle a little extra forward.
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