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CS Limts

My manual CS adjustment seems to stop at 1000. It will only go lower with the Auto Setup.

Is anyone else having this problem?

To make it work what worked best for me was to I have an ('05 X-Star with the Stargazer):

1) Weight the boat in the middle range of where your riders normally ride (for me I maxed out the weight because it seems the Perfect Pass will miss if I do setup with no weight).

2) Press the Menu and Up button at the same time to enter setup mode.

3) In setup mode edit Control Setting on this screen do the auto CS number set. You have to drive pretty consistently from about 3,000 to 4,200 RPM and then down to 3,500 or so again. Then the auto will kick in. Reduce to idle and hit MENU to save that number.

4) I next believe?!? That doing the slalom RPM settings at the different speeds may also help the setup as well??

5) Then I go back and manually adjust the KDW and the NN

Mine are:

CS 650-700
KDW 130-140 right now
NN 140

6) Man if all of this fails and U just want cruise control then just goto the Config Settings "Press the Menu and Up button at the same time" again and do "Device Testing". Setting 1.2 or 1.3 seems to be about 22 MPH for me.

Sucks that this is not easier! Really sucks that my MC dealer could not figure it out. They had me call:

Gary Allen at Perfect Pass:
8-4 est

that may be his cell so use it sparingly?!?!?


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