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Originally Posted by prostar205er View Post

I'm curious...if the point is to get the engine temp up, doesn't using less water get you their more quickly, or am I missing something? There's been a time or two where my flow was low and so I saw the temp get up to 200+ pretty quickly. Isn't that the goal or is that heating up the wrong things?
I am very in the protect the engine at any cost or action. After seeing two motors fry head gaskets and worse I want the maximum amount of water traveling past the cylinders - The gap(surface) between cylinders is small and things get hot there very quick.

I'll call hose method adequate - but bucket or tub method best. I don't want to see the inside of my engine anytime soon. But that is just me.

When I ran the bucket method - I just could not go back. I do use hose to do a start test before I trailer anywhere tho' - just make sure she starts after sitting for a week or so.
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