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okay maybe I see the issue but several of us have been there..... growing up we were the only skiers on our bay. I bought my first skis and rope at a rummage sale when I was 10 and everything about learning skiing behind our 15 and a half foot tri hull was trial and error from skiing on two planks all the way through barefooting...... had nobody to tell us how to do any of it. I saw someone slalom when I was 12 and decided I needed to learn to do that...... it took several afternoons but my driver (dad) and I learned to deep water through trial and error.

Also as a kid I would ski behind whoever was willing to take the time to drive me....... I had several rides like this young man had that were either way too fast or way too slow but it beat not going at all.

all that being said it would have been a tough crash catching an edge at that speed and a learning point for both driver and rider.

it did give me the thought that you could run a slalom course on a wakeboard

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