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1992 Mastercraft Prostar 205

Any Advise would be appreciated.

I'm looking at purchasing a 1992 Mastercraft Prostar 205 it has 390 odd hours. Any common items to look for before purchasing ? Any known problems or issues ? I got them to do a compression test and the readings vary from 6-9 is that normal? The belt snapped while she was running, the bolt that holds the belt mechanism seemed to be bent and they are going to replace it what would cause this to have broken? The exhaust silentcer leaked a few drops of water they are going to repair that. On the one exhaust manifolds there is silicone around the one piece that fits onto the engine?? These were the only items i was able to identify visually any advise on these items i mentioned to be concerned about? Anything else i can check before i take it out for a run to make an offer? The items listed above are they common issues? Should i rather stay away from this boat?
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