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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
What he said ^^ plus I am pro-synthetic (oil discussion? bring really)

Synthetics hold up better in high temps - shear strength and flow. So Valvoline Synthetic VR1 20w50. With an older engine the water jacket ain't what it used to the temps in the cylinders "may" getting a little hotter - so the synthetic will give you a bit more protection... if it's over kill on the's cheap it's a really cool blue color.

I would stay away from any motor honey like STP - even if it has ZDDP. I do put in was designed to be used in C&C machines for lubrication. Third party tests show it ain't snake oil... Thanks 03geetee for that find.

ok... I'm done pontificating...about oil..

He speaks the troooooof! I use this with Rotella 15w/40 and my dinosaur still roars.

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