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Well, I cut out the old trailer wiring and replaced the first four feet (which was made up of no less than FOUR butt joint connections, each covered in silicone, and 30 layers of electrical tape - whata mess). Now just one butt joint per wire on the four wire connection, staggered, to avoid a big lump, shrink wrapped then covered with two wire covers.... Tested OK!

Replaced the fuse pannel on the 78 MC S&S. Wow, another disaster waiting to happen. Every wire freyed and almost broken. IF YOU HAVE AN OLD BOAT PLEASE CHECK YOUR WIRING AND FUSE PANNEL Someone "tried" to re-solder the ckt board.... All the connections were toast. Replaced all the connections, and put a nice new modern fuse pannel in... in the process organized all the wiring and re tyrwaped it. Looks pretty good now. (Maybe rewire the boat next winter)

Finally got the seat back in (which I replaced the wood in earlier this winter)....

Put another coat on the fender repair. Hope to wet sand, buff soon...

Good weekend thus far. Lots done. Lots more to do.

Next weekend maybe the lights (trailer)

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