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Long story Gene........lets see.........I was planning on going down and watch them build my boat. I kept calling the dealership to get a build date, so many times that I was probably pissing them off. When I finally got the build date, I had gotten so busy with work, that there was no way I could go down.

So I called the factory and asked, can't recall the guys name, them to take some digital pics and send them to me. So I keep calling the guy at the factory asking if he had some pics yet. Finally after about 10 phone calls, he tells me he had some great pics but they were still in the camera and he needed to download them. About 5 more phone calls later, the guy finally calls me and tells me he downloaded them and would send them as soon as he got home.

About 5 days later, I get a call and he tells me he finally e-mailed the pics! I rush home and anxiously watch the pictures upload one by one. I was so excited! Right up to the time the picture with the engine was opening. I was SHOCKED!

I called the factory and said " That's not My Boat! That's Not the engine I ordered!" I called the dealership and told them the same thing! Everyone said they would look into it. Hours word.
The guy from the factory tells me that that was indeed the engine on the build order. I said "IMPOSSIBLE..........I ORDERED THE MCX!!!"

I told him "take it back inside amd swap out the motor."
He says " That will be hard to do as it is already on it's way to Cincinnati"

In the mean time, the saleman I bought the boat from calls and tells me it's all his fault..........he put the wrong motor on the build sheet.

To sum this up......not the factory's fault, the salesman screwed up. To rectify the mistake......I received about $2000 worth of equipment for taking the boat with the Predator engine. Been extremely happy with the boat!
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