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I was also there when our fellow TT member was running the diagnostics. When they tried to start it acted as if it was starving for something and there was a lot of fuel smell in the air, so we all guessed "AIR". He then 'exercised' the AIC (I think that was what he did) and it started right up. However, after running it back to the ramp and loading it up, he shut it off and tried starting it again, with no success.

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I've been around the boat a few times when this has occurred and it is not battery or starter related as it will crank over just fine but never seems to fire. When it first comes off the trailer it fires right up and so long as you do not turn it off, it runs just fine but turn it off and it will not re-start. They have hooked-up diagnostics to it but unfortunately it is not throwing any codes that I am aware of, although a fellow MC owner ran diagnostics on it while on the water and thought the issue to the Air Idle Control Module. Certainly would make sense as it seems to be choking itself out when trying a warm/hot start but fires right up when cold. For what it is worth it is an MCX.
Hope this helps to get more thoughts rolling and get this boat back on the water.
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Opening the throttle would make it start if the IAC wasn't opening or if the ECT was causing too much fuel to be delivered when it's hot.

Electronic circuits don't operate correctly when some components are out of range and thermal problems WRT electronics are harder to diagnose, but not impossible. This one topic is why ALL dealers need to hire service techs with a solid electronics background.
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