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Originally Posted by MLA View Post
On the 420SQ, dial all the way left is main volume. It controls all 3 zones together.

to the right is a dual knob for the in-boat/tower. Inner/center knob is in-boat volume and outer ring is tower volume.

As long as the main knob is not all the way counter clock wise and the inner/center in-boat dial is not all the way counter clock wise, there will be in-boat volume output.

There is no fade dial, so the outer dial tower level will not effect the in-boat volume. The actual volume of the tower speakers can over power the in-boats, but the actual tower volume dial on the 420SQ has no effect on in-boats level

Odd to have both chnls go out as the same time. Id double check the actual voltage at the amp power cables. Id then grab a 3.5mm x rca and go right to the amp with my phone or mp3.
Ok I will give it a try. I just ordered a 3.5mm to rca so I can plug my phone directly into the amp. Just talked to wetsounds and they said the equalizer dropped an amp so I ordered a new equalizer. Thanks for the help.

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