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Thanks Big Dogg,

Cody. Sorry should clarify. Yes, you can do it as you are aware and did it last year.

But it is not the BEST way to do it.

You do not have much signal output coming from that ipod into the amp. So your amps gains were probably up higher than should be to try to get the volume you want. When doing this, you will be running the amps at their max. Like running a car at redline all the time. yes you can do it. But it is not the best way to operate. You will eventually run into heat issues, have higher distortion and less them optimal performance.

So using something that has some line voltage, is a very inexpensive way to gain more control over your gain structure and give your system a lot cleaner sound.

So if cost is a big concern. And you do not want to step up to a full eq. Add a single JL RLC for $60 and call it a day. Trust me. It will be night and day difference vs. running the ipod alone.

Same thing when adding a line driver like our WS-420. When adding something with a lot more line voltage going into the amps. Your gain structure on the amps can be all the way down to achieve the same volume. Which results in a lot cleaner signal and sound from the system overall.

A gain is not a volume control. It is only used to adjust the amplifier with the input voltage. You are looking for a "unity" signal. More voltage into an amp. The amp can reach unity at a lower gain point. Resulting in cleaner sound. And more head room from the amp.

Ya'll feel free to hit me up anytime on tech questions. I am happy to help out. [email protected]

I will be checking in here now to see if I can help ya'll out. You can ask brucemac and some others. I am always there to help with anything related to an audio system.

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