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Is jl 750.1 limited frequency response an audible issue when powering tower speaker

Just noticed an oversight on my part. I ordered a jl 750.1 to power the rev 410 i just added to my tower. Until it shows up, i have the 410 powered by bridged channels from a jl 600.4. IMO it sounds great as is, but ordered the 750 as most seem to agree that power in the range of the 750 is more in line with the 410 to get the most out of it.

However, i am now concerned that the 410 may sound worse with the 750 vs the 600 as per jl's website the frequency response of the 750 only goes up to 8k whereas the 600 hoes up to 20k. Excuse my ignorance, but does anybody know how distinct the audible difference will be missing these higher frequencies? I imagine it would be quite noticable. Has anybody upgraded their tower speakers with a 750 and did it sound worse afterwards?

Thanks - jason
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