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McMaster Carr and MSC Supply are 2 big supply houses where you can buy plastic sheet. There are others as well that specialize in plastic, sorry, I don’t remember their names at the moment. I would suggest HDPE or polycarbonate (lexan) plastic to prevent the holes from cracking over time. I do not know if it comes in black or not, but it is tough stuff.

Both of these plastics can be engraved.
You also have the option to go with aluminum, stainless sheet or even wood.
Since my boat came with genuine imitation plastic wood grain, I chose 1/4 in. thick oak plywood and put about 10 coats of helmsman spar on it to protect it.

I made a switch plate from plastic and engraved it to label the switches.
I used the computer-controlled engraver at work one day at lunch and it took less than 15 minutes to set up and engrave. Since then, new management put a stop to "government" work, or I would offer to engrave a plate for you.
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