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Originally Posted by Worthing skier View Post

Thanks for the answer ,
yes it is the type with a magnet inside ,and yes it had come off , so I have glued it back on to the float.
With sender out of the tank , I have done a resistance check , and it rises and falls as per the location of the float .
You are correct , I have not filled the tank with fuel , and now it only has 1/3 in it ,but the gauge only just read off empty.

I thought these senders just changed their resistance as per the position of the float .

If the sender is 2" off the bottom of the tank it will never register fuel on the gauge until the float starts to lift above 2",unless I am missing something .
how many gallons/liters before it hits the float?

also - when you hit "E" you know you really need gas, mine is the same way - plus I never let it get less than a 1/4 tank - not many fueling stations on my river..
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