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Originally Posted by jdl xstar View Post
Thrall, gotjag- dealership has gone down this path of needing to replace so they have me by the bals since if I say no, then I will have to fork up at least 1500 with nothing to show for it and will have to start over with another dealership nearby (nautique). I'm really hoping this trusted mechanic my family has known for decades will be able to at least verify rod bearing damage. And yes I will find out what caused such a problem and hopefully the ECM will have some clues. Dealership was totally cool with a second opinion so they must have some confidence that a third party will see the same problems.

To get my mind off it all, I'm heading out on a buddy's SAN to wake surf today but I already know the grief I'm going to get about this saga since like you guys and most level minded people agree that this situation doesn't add up.

Thanks for the feedback and opinions guys... This board is both informative and therapeutic!
You can take the ECM to a MC dealer or send it to MC for scanning- I don't know if their program is proprietary, like it was before. If it overheated, it will definitely show up unless it was cleared. Hopefully, the date of last data dump will be stored, too. If it was cleared after you took it to them, get ready to do battle.
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