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Arrow Gen2 did you all know this?

(Edited to add that I am totally wrong about this and so was the Mastercraft rep I talked to so don't waste your time reading..LOL.)

So am I the only knucklehead that didn't know Gen2 also includes a sack that goes under the floor up front? I assume it is plumbed into the overflow on the KGB ballast from the looks of the diagram. The below shows all of the boats that offer Gen2 and the weights associated with each. The X30 adds 1920 lbs total over stock. The X10 adds damn near that much for being a smaller boat, should be good!

This changes my approach to how I weight this thing if so, won't need any additional thru hulls if this is the case. Maybe just slap a few hundred pounds of lead on each side coffin locker.

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