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carb gurus holley 4160 any ideas.

hey guys i rebuilt my carb recently got it all dialed in .runs great all day long
boat has points in it, dwell around 30 ,timing around 10-11 degrees .

but i have noticed after i turn it off hot or cold . i always have to put the thottle into it a bit to get it to fire and cranks maybe slightly longer than a noramls start ,maybe 5-6 seconds instead of 2-3 .

before the rebuild once warm i just would turn the key and she would fire up it is a hassle to pull that little knob out just to give it a few seconds of throttle ,to get it to purr.
and the wife hates it , she is used to just turning the key and away she goes.

any suggestions. she is idling around 500-600 rpm

float / accellerator pump , mixture ,etc ?? o ya choke is also working fine.

i do have to say once running she idles like a new car never stalls always goes into gear nice . just finicky on starting . cleaned everything .
why the wide open throttle sorta to get her to fire.


any ideas would be greatly appreciated .


1988 mastercraft tristar (open bow).
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