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Originally Posted by [email protected]
I have been dealing with the interior issue and have heard the following: MC is keeping skins for 7 years but the year starts/ends with the introduction of the new model year. 2000 skins were available until August of 2007 when the 2008 models became available.

In the past MC used an early generation database (as did everybody else) and as such was unable to store all or the colors and features/options combinations on the boats they sold. They have upgraded to a more sophisticated RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, SAP).

Going forward the boat I.D. will have a more accurate association and record of all of the colors and features purchased. This should allow for better recall and as such will enable MC to create a process time limit vs. a system based time limit. I look for MC to keep parts including skins for 10 years going forward.
This is the latest info,
SEAT SKINS...Order Now
For those of you that have been putting off ordering skins
you might want to take the plunge now. Effective July 1 MasterCraft Corp will only produce skins newer than 2002. Right now you can order as far back as 1998. Get your skin orders in prior to July 1. What is needed is a FEW digital photos of the interior and your Hull ID #.

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