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I'm in agreement with bcd, I bought a boat from MC and they are ultimately accountable. Playing the 'blame Medallion game' does nothing for me. All signs point to MC knowing this and reacting to it. Spring couldn't come soon enough but part of me wants to put the boat in with at least +3 more releases in the software.

In terms of rewarding them with another boat, good point, I guess anything could happen. I'm going to a Boat Show next weekend and will be speaking with them again on an update for piggy backing. For what it's worth, wakemakers didn't have a solution that involved integrating into the existing, nor did wake blasters, nor super sac'r.

Thank you FourtyFour, that confirms a few things and is very helpful.

Sorry to the OP for the hijack. I believe that you'll find the Murphy experience better, their ppl were very responsive when I emailed and called them.
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