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Originally Posted by wakesurfer View Post
Hi everyone and respect to the MC fraternity. Just bought 1995 prostar 190 had a few silly newbie questions need help with:
1. previous owner was not sure how long gas had been in engine supposedly 30 plus days, is there any way to verify if the gas is good or bad before starting the engine and causing probs?
2. oil on dipstick looks black, what type of oil should I use to replace with the best money can buy?
3. the previous owner says that the engine is a chevy engine? the only obvious things I can see are : black engine , with blue text EFI on it can anyone tell me which engine this is original or not, and is there a link to the engine break down and maintenance?
4. the hull is in good condition, just at the bottom of the bow I guess where the boat was beached the gel coat is gone and I can see brown/gold fiberglass looking coat, with what and how should I repair this or is it ok to leave it like that?
5. the prop looks to be original three blade, two blades have tips bent a little, no cracks or tears, is that ok, and if not can it be repaired or not worth it and does the type of prop effect the wake ? since we will be wake surfing and boarding ?
Thanks for your time will post pictures asap appreciate in advance all the help I can get ....

1. I'd drain the gas and replace.
2. Newer boats are recommended to use 15W40. I was also told that if I can't find that it is OK to use 10-40. Someone will chime in though for your year. But I imagine it is the same.
3. Post a pic and someone will know.
4. Definitely get the gel repaired otherwise further damage will occur. Post some pics and you will get an idea of how bad the damage is.
5. If it is an OJ prop, you can send it to them for repairs. Typically it costs $70 - $130
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