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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Yea, he was such a humble guy and very generous. He was there (Cody, WY) for the Winchester Museum opening and I met him during a party. After watching all of his movies, I remembered (as a kid) he always seem to drink out of a flask. So, when I met him, I said, "Don't worry Mr Wayne, we have plenty of Whiskey!"

I guess he thought that was funny so he later asked if I wanted to be in the 4th of July parade with him the next day. I had breakfast with him and his daughter, and then went in the parade. Just a great memory for sure!
That is a great memory! Born in the great state of IOWA! In high school we had to write a 10 page paper in history class about a great American. I picked the Duke and ended up writing a 30 page paper! Extremely jealous of your memory...
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