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I think the guy at the dealer I took it to told me it was a selenoid (sp) inside of the transmission he replaced. He said they don’t know if they will recall the tranny or not. He told me they see a lot of transmission issues with the 04 Explorer. Also told me the repair SHOULD fix the problem. (slipping bad in-between gears and long hesitation between D and R)

I am considering that same truck 4 door 4X4 F150 but want to see how this transmission issue plays out. Still have a vibration or growling pulling away from a stop???

Originally Posted by Mag_Red
Care to expound on this Mark?? I was actually considering buying a 2005 F150 Lariet crew cab 4x4. I need more room than the chevy x cab for hauling passengers. It's either the Ford or a Chevy Avalanche. I really don't like the look of the new Chevy crew cabs

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